Dev Diary 2: Announcement and Burnout


Play/Test is changing gears! We are switching to a short Pocket Monster Tales playtest campaign while Hard-Space Hustle is being rewritten.

The players in that campaign will be Amr Ammourazz, Alex Flanigan and Jack Beckwith!

The actual dev diary in this is on burnout. I don’t have any tips for how to avoid it or how to get back from it but I wanted to talk about it anyways.


HSH Something Old, Something New Part 3


Coaster as VR, Level 1 Support

Jo as Silver, Level 1 Agent

Amr as Yah, Level 1 Master

Quinn as Tiberius, Level 1 Enforcer

In Which…

There is a much needed costume change and some bonding happens.


Introbot and Music by Matt Lee