Hard-Space Hustle, Podcast

HSH A.I. Don’t Love You Character Creation


Pranks Paul as Kid Zoom the Speed Demon

James D’Amato as Max Damage the Troubleshooter

Mel D’Amato as Astra the A.I.

In Which…

We meet a crew min/maxed for… Basically nothing useful.


Introbot: Meghan Dornbrock Music: Matt Lee

Hard-Space Hustle, Podcast

Changelog: Jun

Guest: Jun

Game Graveyard

Seafaring Pirate Setting and Magical Girl Game


In the meat of this show we discuss at length: Failure, Simplicity in Game Design and Messy Success!


  • Changed marking Weights AGAIN. Roll your die pool again and choose which ones to keep.
  • No initiative. Everyone must act once before the round is over. NPCs react to player action
  • Can spend resolve to reroll ONE die per Resolve spent.
  • Skills are flex dice to be applied to Attribute OR outcome
  • Define minor/major concessions.
  • Commercial Break

Download v1.5 here!


“If your system/setting has magic or technology so far advanced it might as well be magic, you need to make it easy and accessible to change your gender.”


Introbot: Alice Kyra Music: Matt Lee

Hard-Space Hustle, Podcast

HSH Magical Girl Countdown Part 3


Erika as Phoebe/Phoebe 3000 the AI

Alice as Cass/Andromeda the Master

and Meghan as /Supernova the Troubleshooter

In Which…

The Squad confronts the minions of N.E.G.A. and clash with a large industrial appliance!


Introbot: Amr Music by Matt Lee

Changelog, Podcast

Changelog: Michelle Nickolaisen

Guest: Michelle Nickolaisen


Corruption mechanics and redemption, paganism and jumping in the deep end.


  • Changed “Characteristics” to “Attributes”
  • Changed “Stress” to “Stress Points”
  • Removed Rerolls, replaced with special boons.
  • Clarified and expanded racing rules.
  • Changed “Fitness” to “Body”
  • Changed the “Plot” skill to “Leadership.”
  • Finished Outlaw Ranks for Troubleshooter.
  • Expanded Dispositions List.
  • Made minor changes to all jobs.

Update to 1.4!! Download Here.

Introbot: Kaylie Music by Matt Lee