Pocket Monster Tales, Podcast

PMT Ep 1: Poochyena, I Spook You!


Amr Ammourazz as Nahira the Caretaker
Jack Beckwith as Lexi the Gym Leader
and Alex Flanigan as Keaton the Entertainer

In Which…

The Pokefriends arrive in Lavender Town on their quest to find Jirachi only to find something gravely amiss!


Music: Matt Lee


Dev Diary 2: Announcement and Burnout


Play/Test is changing gears! We are switching to a short Pocket Monster Tales playtest campaign while Hard-Space Hustle is being rewritten.

The players in that campaign will be Amr Ammourazz, Alex Flanigan and Jack Beckwith!

The actual dev diary in this is on burnout. I don’t have any tips for how to avoid it or how to get back from it but I wanted to talk about it anyways.

Changelog, Podcast

Changelog: Matt Lee

Guest: Matt Lee

Game Graveyard

Character and small companion game like Jak and Daxter.


Robust Magic Systems


  • Reword Concessions for clarity for each side.
  • Explain that Agent Special Abilities do not replace concessions.
  • Change AI not-suited skills to +1 difficulty.
  • Major Concessions now do 12 damage instead of 8.
  • Rewrite Story Paths.
  • Make recovering health the highest of your Efforts
  • Make recovering stress the highest of your Controls
  • Explain mission creation
  • New concession lists for Racing


“Run more & different games and run games for people who don’t play games.”


Introbot: Erika Chappell Music: Matt Lee

Hard-Space Hustle, Podcast

HSH Athenapus Part 3


Ryan Boelter as Athena Mark IV the A.I.

“Evil” Ryan as Guy Askew the Speed Demon

Amelia Antrim as Harlow Gale the Agent

Alan Sells as Dr. Alistair Silversun the Support

In Which…

“Loose face sinks Ace” is said YET AGAIN…


Introbot: Beka Black Music: Matt Lee